The Magic Behind Every Story


Hey Y’all,

Let me tell you, there’s something magical about writing a book for the first time. I’ve lived enough life to have stories waiting to be told. But it’s one thing to live a story, and another to sit down and write it.

It all started with a dream I had years ago. I was dreaming about reading my book to people. Up to that point, I had been an avid reader. I was so confused why I would be reading MY book to someone. I couldn’t even consistently write in a journal. I realized that I should consider finally writing instead of only reading.

Y’all, the writing process was hard. There were moments of self-doubt, wondering if my voice mattered. But then, I’d remember my dream, and I’d find my rhythm again. I learned the power of my voice. As a Black woman, I carry the legacy of storytellers who’ve been silenced, and it became my mission to be heard. Every sentence I wrote felt like a tribute to those who came before me and a beacon for those who’ll follow.

To anyone out there sitting on their story, especially my sisters in their 40s and beyond, I want to say – your story matters. Your voice is unique. It might be scary, but there’s a whole world of magic waiting for you once you start writing.

Writing my first book was a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and liberation. It’s a journey I’m proud of, a journey I cherish, and most importantly, a journey I encourage all of you to embark on. Remember, every book starts with a single word. So go ahead, write yours.


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